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thankyou for your reply,
I won't thrown them anyway,I 'll try to repair it,hard job it is!!!
I bought apair of rok 101 007 from ericsson's representative in china,
each cost me 80$,two 160$,very expensive,
can you reach them?their web is www.shcent.com,you may visit them.
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Probably you can throw away them.
You can solder thin pieces of cables to modules and these cables to your board.
You need good experience and probably you have to be pretty nice surgeon :-)
Could you tell me please where did you buy these modules ? And how much did you pay ?
Best regards
Pawel Dienwebel
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Subject: [bluetooth-dev] HOW TO REPAIR THE WELD PADS OF ERICSSON'S ROK 101 007

I bought two erisson 's rok101 007 moudle.
because I have not any soldering machine,so i try to weld them by hand,
unluckly,one of ball pad is was droped,who can tell me how to repair the moudle.
otherwise,what is right method  to soldering the BGA moudle?
thank you in advance,