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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Kernel 2.4.0-11 for axis's bt

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> From: Mikko Rahkonen [mailto:rahkomi@xxxxxxx.fi]
> Sent: 05 February 2001 09:56
> Cc: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: Re: [bluetooth-dev] Kernel 2.4.0-11 for axis's bt
> > Xavier Debreuil (my colleague) has already made the changes 
> > for kernel 2.4.0 (but as I told, the stack crashes after
> > setting up an L2CAP connection). Our changes will be made
> > available when the CVS is ready...
> Does anybody know when this will happen?

FYI, the files are now in place in the repository. Unfortunately
SourceForge has screwed something else up in the process so that
we cannot commit anything to the repository any longer... :(
I have sent a new support request to the SourceForge maintainers,
and hope that the above problem will be fixed soon (now that they
hopefully are back working after last week's Linux World Expo in

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