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[bluetooth-dev] Bug in l2cap.c ??

There seems to be a bug in l2cap.c in l2cap_receive data() at lines 
612 and 625.
I am using the 2000/11/15 version with the gmcnutt generic endian-
handling patch.

The lines read 
612: get_upper(CHAR2INT16(pkt->data[1], pkt->data[0]))->
            receive_data(con, pkt->data + 2, pkt->len - 2);

625: process_frame(con, pkt->data, pkt->len);

Shouldn't pkt->len here actually be pkt_len ?

pkt->len has been converted to handle big-endianness earlier in the 
function at line 586
586: pkt_len = le16_to_cpu(pkt->len)


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