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Re: [bluetooth-dev] connect probs

Daniel Ezekiel wrote:

> Hi All
>  Sorry for this dumb Q.
>  I am running the stacks in emulation mode (properly compiled). I have
> connected 2 linux boxes via a null modem cable (ppp runs fine)
>  On the server side  I use
> btd --physdev /dev/ttyS0 --speed 38400 --cmdmode --local --remote --hwinit none
> and on the client MC 
> btd --physdev /dev/ttyS0 --speed 38400 --client --hwinit none
> I am gettin the Menu on either mcs and the registring of line #
>  but when I use the connect command
> on the client side
>  ie 
> con 11:22:33:44:55:66 <line>  0
> am gettin wrong syntax
>  I know there is an optin srv channel ?.....I am not able to 
> locate any references to this in the readme file......
> anyhelp asap would be appreciated.......
> Thanks
>  Regards, 
>  Danny 

Look in btd.c in the function process_cmd().  The commands (as they are 
printed out for the user) don't
always follow how the code is implemented.


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