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[bluetooth-dev] Connection problems with Ericsson


Thanks to you, my Ericsson BATK module is now working via UART (with
kernel 2.2.18, latest Axis stack). I really appreciate all the hints
you've given me!

The inquiry scan is working fine. However when I try to connect nothing
happens. I use the following commands:

btd --speed 57600 --reset -r client    (client)
btd --speed 57600 --reset              (server)

Now "rf_conn <bt_address> 1 0" at the client side produces "role_discovery
process_return_param, ROLE_DISCOVERY: BT SYS: ERROR :process_return_param,
ROLE_DISCOVERY: Unknown HCI Command" to the server and never returns so
there's no chance to rf_send.

I have HW_ERICSSON as HW_CURRENT and HCI_EMULATION off. Are these the
correct settings for P9A?

Thanks again.

Mikko Rahkonen <rahkomi@xxxxxxx.fi>

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