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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Relationship between components

On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, Greg KH wrote:

> > Has anybody got the Axis BT stack working with BT USB, and if so, how
> > exactly did you do it, specifically without working with the stack in
> > userspace?
> The bluetooth.o module in the usb tree is _only_ for USB bluetooth
> devices.  It does not have anything to do with the Axis stack.
> Now you _can_ get the Axis stack to work with it, but you can also get
> other vendors stack to work with it too.
> To get it to work, simply point the stack at the /dev/ttyUB0 node
> instead of the /dev/ttyS0 node (or whereever you had put your serial
> connection at.)  That's it, you shouldn't have to do anything else to
> the Axis stack (if this is wrong, someone please tell me.)
> Does that help explain things better?

It gives me a start.  So I understand it all properly, the 2.4 kernel
bluetooth.o provides a "serial-like" device that any bluetooth stack can
work through, correct?

What, then, is the purpose (and status under 2.4) of the kernel module
provided in the Axis package, bt.o?  Does it provide the services available
in the standard kernel module available in 2.4, or does it do more?  From
reading the docs, I am led to understand that it is a kernel space
implementation of the BT stack.  Is that correct?  Is it possible (or even
advisable) to run this (possibly modified for 2.4 kernels) module under 2.4? 
My initial impression is that, if it is possible, it would be advisable,
since the documentation all indicates that the pure user-mode stack is not
preferable for real BT design work.  Is that still the case, or is it a case
of old documentation confusing me?

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Matthew Palmer

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