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Re: [bluetooth-dev] broadcasts not going through the NAP

Razvan Peteanu wrote:

> Hi,
> We've discovered that when a Bluetooth device is connected via dialup to a
> NAP (v0.71), broadcasts are not sent further through the Ethernet interface
> of the NAP. Example:


> the NAP's Ethernet interface  has the IP (netmask
> and the client is given to its Bluetooth client. If the clients
> sends broadcast packets (to, these packets are not sent
> further through the Ethernet interface. (This causes any Windows-based
> service to fail because Windows machines use NetBIOS broadcasts to find out
> about a number of services on the network).

Let me see if I got this right:

              bluetooth             ethernet
device -------> NAP ------> network
(          (

And your concern is that IP broadcast messages originating on the device are
not being routed to the network from the NAP?

First of all, are you sure the NAP is receiving the packets from the device?


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