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[bluetooth-dev] Axis stack in kernel mode - problems


I'm trying to use the Axis Bluetooth stack in kernel mode and have
encountered a serious problem. I'm using Linux-2.2.18. I built and
installed the latest version (Jan 8) of bt.o. The problem is this:
I bring up the stack using "btd -e 0" (turn off modem emulation). This
allows pppd to automatically start up. Now if due to ANY reason, the stack
crashes (typing ^C or killing btd or sdp_server), it causes a kernel
crash. The message "Unable to handle NULL pointer reference" is displayed
on the screen and it's time to press the reset switch.

Using the kernel mode on 2.4.0 kernel is even worse. As soon as "btd -e
0" is executed, the kernel panics. The error message refers to a NULL
pointer reference in sdp_database_read().

Both instances of the problem are fairly easy to reproduce. I am
attempting to find the cause to try and fix this. Any help or suggestions
are welcome.


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