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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Axis stack in kernel mode - problems

I've observed this problem repeatedly, even AFTER applying Marcus' SDP
related patch. Also, the panic message appears only on 2.4. On 2.2.17/18,
just the "Unable to handle NULL pointer" message and locks up. I've
investigated enough to determine that the problem is definitely with
sending a signal to the sdp_server. For some reason, it does not handle


On Mon, 12 Feb 2001, Gordon McNutt wrote:

> Sasikanth Avancha wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm trying to use the Axis Bluetooth stack in kernel mode and have
> > encountered a serious problem. I'm using Linux-2.2.18. I built and
> > installed the latest version (Jan 8) of bt.o. The problem is this:
> > I bring up the stack using "btd -e 0" (turn off modem emulation). This
> > allows pppd to automatically start up. Now if due to ANY reason, the stack
> > crashes (typing ^C or killing btd or sdp_server), it causes a kernel
> > crash. The message "Unable to handle NULL pointer reference" is displayed
> > on the screen and it's time to press the reset switch.
> >
> > Using the kernel mode on 2.4.0 kernel is even worse. As soon as "btd -e
> > 0" is executed, the kernel panics. The error message refers to a NULL
> > pointer reference in sdp_database_read().
> >
> That's great! Usually when the stack crashes on me the system instantly locks
> up too hard to get any debug info. But since the problem is in SDP, I wonder
> if getting Marcus' patch might fix that. Check the recent mail archives (last
> two weeks). Marcus can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that makes 2.4.x
> behave more nicely.
> --gmcnutt

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