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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Relationship between components

On Sun, 11 Feb 2001, Greg KH wrote:

> bt.o _is_ the Bluetooth protocol stack.  It enables other user space
> programs to connect through it to talk to other devices.

Is there any documentation available that describes how I talk to bt.o
without the aid of btd?  I know I can work out what's going on from reading
btd's source, I was just wondering if there was an easier way...

> Think of bt.o like ppp.o.  ppp.o provides the PPP logic to enable you to
> do TCP/IP over a physical type connection (modem, serial, and hey,
> bluetooth...)  Does that help out a bit more.

Except that, AFAIK, ppp.o provides a network port which you can route and
play with, whereas bt.o does not, and it wouldn't be recomended anyway
because TCP/IP over BT is only one (and not nearly the best) way of using
BT's abilities...

Hence my current dilemma - talking to bt.o... <g>

> I've seen 2.4 patches on the mailing list, if you want to try 2.4.x out.

Whopping huge kernel panics.  I've got to patch my kernel to dump panics
properly, and then I can work out what's causing the little beggar to stuff

Odd thing is, even when I run the thing entirely in userspace, it still
panics the kernel now and then.  Not to the degree of the kernel module
(that panics rather solidly), but rather just the odd panic here and there
that the system recovers from.  For some reason it seems to be doing it in a
pcmcia function, according to ksymoops.  (although I unloaded all the PCMCIA

> Hope this helps,

Muchly appreciated.  I should have read all the available BT stuff before I
asked - Ericsson's discussion of HCIs gave me a hint as to what bluetooth.o
was doing.

To make the whole thing less confusing, what are the chances of getting bt.o
renamed to btstack.o or something like that, I wonder?

#include <disclaimer.h>
Matthew Palmer

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