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Re: [bluetooth-dev] PPPD exiting...

> Can someone help?  I am running the latest build of the stack and when I try
> to run btd it spawns pppd then says it dies and tries all over again.  I can
> not for the life of me figure out why.

I think that the btd is trying to fetch the IP from eth0 but something
goes wrong (at least in my case). It seems to me that local and remote ip
params don't work at all.

After fixing the IP address issue I keep getting "line already open".
Does anybody know, what's the proper way of using the ppp? Here's my

btd -u /dev/ttyUB0 -s 57600 -e 0 -m -R
ppp (gives waiting for line 0 or something)

btd -u /dev/ttyUB0 -s 57600 -e 0 -m -r client -R
rf_conn <bt_address> 1 0

Good luck Michael, you'll need it :-(

Mikko Rahkonen <rahkomi@xxxxxxx.fi>

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