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[bluetooth-dev] simple bt connection app

Hi all,

I've noticed some interest in a simple program to bring up a connection, so
I thought I would post this for anyone who's interested.

I wrote this app (borrowing somewhat from btd) and tested it using only the
20001115 versions of the stack and CSR hardware, although I also ported it
the 20010108 version at one time. You may need to customize some of the
paths and what not at the beginning of the file for your use.

After compiling, it will load the bt driver, do an inquiry, bring up an
rfcomm connection, and fork pppd. When you terminate it, it will attempt to
disconnect (that doesn't seem to work so well) and unload the driver. I was
planning on implementing the ReadRSSI command and checking every minute or
so, but never got to it.

I have used it with btd to set up web browsing and such on pcs and
handhelds. Run btd on the 'server' with the '-e 0' option and whatever
hardware options you want to use.



David Gathright
Consumer Direct Link, Inc.
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