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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Compiling BT stack on standard Linux!

>===== Original Message From Gordon McNutt <gmcnutt@xxxxxxx.com> =====
>Stack version? Linux kernel version? Distro?
Sorry! (I thought that it was only a question of using the right compiler with
the right options.)
I'm using the stack from 2001/01/08 on kernel 2.2.17 with Mandrake 7.2 

>Seems like we keep seeing the same problems posted over and over... can't 
>for that SourceForge account with a real bug-tracking system.
If this is such an "frequent" problem, shouldn't it be on the FAQ ?! ;)

If there is a Linux version that enables me to do what I asked (using the 
on an ordinary PC running standard Linux) please inform me which one (please
tell me of one that you tested and worked ok)! I just want to see things 
(I later will try to figure out how to make it work on my Linux distribution).

Thank you,
David Neves.

>David Campos Neves wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On the Axis page I read that their stack could be compiled under
>> a standard PC runing Linux, as well as on their development board.
>> I tried to do this but without any success! I used regular gcc as I
>> wanted to make a binary to run on my PC, but received inumerous errors
>> even in the most basic library function calls (as in "string.h" functions).
>> Do I have to use gcc-cris, and if so how do I configure it to make a
>> standard Linux PC binary (instead of the e100 binary it creates).
>> Thank you,
>> David Neves.

David Campos Neves (dcn@xxxxxxx.org)

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