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[bluetooth-dev] Stack library

I've been doing some reading, and I think that producing a library is not
that big a hassle.  The Ericsson PC reference stack contains an API for
programming with BT, and I don't see why we couldn't emulate something like
that.  It has a Connection Manager interface, which is roughly analogous to
btd, and which will possibly connect to a daemon or kernel module.

The Ericsson API contains a lot of messages being passed back and forth -
my thought is to multi-thread the library and write it all in C++.  It would
be possible to do it in C, but it would be untidy, and probably wouldn't
support a lot of the dynamic aspects of BT real well.  With C++ we can
implement callbacks easily enough, and with lots of threads flying around
doing misc. tasks it won't be so bad.

Has anyone started a project of this kind, esp. based on the Ericsson API? 
Does anyone have any comments, either "that's crap, here's why" or "yeah,
great idea" or even "have you considered...".  I haven't been pondering this
for long, so no doubt I've got a thousand hurdles to jump yet.  I'd
appreciate discussion on this to help the process along.  Code will be
written RSN, as soon as I've digested the rest of the API currently
available (my comment so far - yikes that's a lot of crud).

#include <disclaimer.h>
Matthew Palmer

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