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[bluetooth-dev] New design of btd

Hi All, 
we have been reworking the btd app for a while now and it is now 
split up into smaller more 'focused' applications. This new code 
will be released at the same point as we get our sourceforge CVS
working (yes, its very sad...the repository is still not working 
fully :( )

However, I can give you a short description of how what it will 
look like.

New applications:
btinit.c - minimal app responsible for opening and holding it open of 
	     phys dev, setting BT ldisc and initializing the stack. 
	     Also starts up / shuts down the SDP server

btd.c    - like btinit but also handles multipoint ppp connections, 
	   communicates with a IP assign server through an defined API,
	   starts modem emulator if enabled which in turn starts pppd 
	   after successful negotiation.

bttest.c - Holds command line mode which controls all test functions 
	   incl unplug tests, and other interaction with the stack.

modememul.c - takes a list of args destined for pppd but first acts 
	      modem emulator on a ttyBT and then starts pppd after 
	      successful AT negotiation.

btcon.c  - opens an rfcomm channel over any ttyBT 
btsend.c - opens a ttyBT and sends a number of datachunks if connected
btdisc.c - disconnect...
btinq.c  - perform inquiry
... ? 

By using these small apps together with btinit it will be possible to 
do whole test 'suites' using e.g expect scripts or similar.

Split up functionality into following files

bt_if.c - holds all interface functions towards the stack both for 
	    usermode and kernel mode (The only file which contains 
	    functionality for both kernel/usermode stack)

bt_vendor.c - contains all vendor specific functions including test 
	        functions and init of the HW.

bt_ipa.c - holds API towards the IP assign server. Responsible for getting
	     client IP, DNS, MS-WINS etc options for pppd.

bt_misc.c - contains various helper functions

bt_conf.h - all configuration of the stack (usermode)

Currently our whole bluetooth team is a bit swamped with work so 
unfortunately we haven't had time to answer a lot of your questions. 
However, I hope that we will have more time once the unplug fest is 
over and our engineers get back.

Mattias Ågren,
Axis Communications AB
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