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[bluetooth-dev] Re: BT SYS: ERROR: Failed to get local BD addr!

hello everyone...


okay, now what is this error?  i have read that is it because your not
connected via your serial interface along with your usb interface!!! i am
a little confused here...

how to i "resolve" this error???

i have tried everything to my knowledge...i upgrade my kernal to 2.2.18 (i
have tried 2.4.1 - but that gave me some other problems)

i have also noticed that if you use the bluetooth support with the kernel
then when you plug in your bluetooth module you get "improper
endpoints. blutooth device not bound!" so that is not a good thing when it
actually does find the endpoints...

and without the bluetooth support built in, then the endpoints are found

but what about the ERROR: Failed to get local BD addr...what do i do to
get rid of that error???

help please

Sami Kibria
email: skibria@xxxxxxx.ca

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