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[bluetooth-dev] Re: sdp_server: No such file or directory!!!

hello everyone...its me sami again


hope all is good with everyone!

well i have a quick question...i get the error above "sdp_server: No such
file or diectory"..but i did a make, make install, made devs, and it all
worked and didn't return no error at all...

i also have a /usr/local/bin/ with all the stuff in it, i.e. btd, sdp,
etc...and it all looks good...

now what could be the error...

i am using the 2.2.18 kernel version, with usb, but not with bluetooth
support...and by the looks of things i don't know if it needs it...because
when i hit the reset button it does detect the ericcson bluetooth
module...so, hmmmmmmm....

any comments, suggestions, would be execellent!!???


 Sami Kibria
 TRLabs - Winnipeg, MB. CANADA
 email: skibria@xxxxxxx.ca

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