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[bluetooth-dev] regarding the setup of a bluetooth session

hi sir

i am the student who have spoken to you yesterday
regarding the bluetooth stack.

i am doing my research on bluetooth but till now i am
not very successful in understanding the concepts with
respect to the axis stack and the developer board.

it will be a great help for me if you can answer to
some of my questions.

1)how to transfer the bluetooth stack into the
developer board and commmunicate with the board
through a linux machine (with stack loaded in it)
through the serial port.
2) is it possible to run the stack with some
modification on a solaris machine.
or is their any other stacks available to solaris.
3)how to use emulation  without any hardware.

thanks in advance


Puttamreddy, Jaideepesh
MS Computer Engineering
Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton;FL

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