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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Stack library

Le Jeudi 15 Février 2001 03:58, Matthew Palmer a écrit :
> I've been doing some reading, and I think that producing a library is not
> that big a hassle.  The Ericsson PC reference stack contains an API for
> programming with BT, and I don't see why we couldn't emulate something like
> that.  It has a Connection Manager interface, which is roughly analogous to
> btd, and which will possibly connect to a daemon or kernel module.

I already did it. I built everything in src into on library. Then I link the 
library with different applications (for different testing) all inspired from 

> The Ericsson API contains a lot of messages being passed back and forth -
> my thought is to multi-thread the library and write it all in C++.  It
> would be possible to do it in C, but it would be untidy, and probably
> wouldn't support a lot of the dynamic aspects of BT real well.  With C++ we
> can implement callbacks easily enough, and with lots of threads flying
> around doing misc. tasks it won't be so bad.

It don't think adding C++ stuff to the bluetooth stack will be on any help. I 
think the first thing to do is clean it up so that it becomes more robust and 
portable, and keep it in C for simplicity, efficiency, and portability (the 
low level of complexity of the stack doesn't require (on my humble opinion) 
to go to C++). We are far from a reliable bluetooth stack today.

> Has anyone started a project of this kind, esp. based on the Ericsson API?
> Does anyone have any comments, either "that's crap, here's why" or "yeah,
> great idea" or even "have you considered...".  I haven't been pondering
> this for long, so no doubt I've got a thousand hurdles to jump yet.  I'd
> appreciate discussion on this to help the process along.  Code will be
> written RSN, as soon as I've digested the rest of the API currently
> available (my comment so far - yikes that's a lot of crud).
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