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[bluetooth-dev] tcgetattr: Input/output Error!

hi dave..

thank you for your reply, but now i have another
error...tcgetattr: input/output error!

now, what does that mean????

i have done everything possible at least from what i see...i have the path
set, i have a null serial cable connected, as well as usb, and everything
seems to be okay...but what does that error mean???

thanks a million


 Sami Kibria 
 TRLabs - Winnipeg, MB.  CANADA
 email: skibria@xxxxxxx.ca

On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, Dave Harris wrote:

> The 'install' command in the makefile puts sdp_server in the /usr/local/bin
> directory.
> This is probably not in your path.  This can be solved several ways:
>     (1) add a symbolic link (command ln) to /usr/local/bin/sdp_server and
> place the link in a directory on your path.
>     (2) add /usr/local/bin to the Path entry in your shell profile (e.g.,
> /root/.bash_profile for bash users).
> Good luck!
> D Harris

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