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[bluetooth-dev] CSR BC01b - can't do readbd


i have a CSR BC01b (f/w beta9) and i can't read the bt-address.
everything works ok with the ericsson module....
here what i do:

1. erase the flash
2. download beta9
3. verify

4. with PSTools i set the following:
5. Host Interface = UART link running H4
6. UART: Partity Bits = No parity
7. UART: non-BCSP enable = Enable
8. UART baud rate = 115200
9. Reset BC

10. insmod src/bt.o
11. btd -u /dev/ttyS0 -s 115200 -e 0 -m -i csr
12. btduser -u .......

have i missed something?
is there someone running this HW with bt vers. 1115?
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