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[bluetooth-dev] Re: need some help!!!

i just wanted to ask people...

what version of the kernel are you guys using and what distribution??? i
know it really shouldn't make a difference but i think it does because,
when i use mandrake 7.2 - it just blows chunks with the include files,
when i use suse 7.0 - the usb uhci fails to load, and with that i get
unable to get BT local addr (even with serial interface....hmmmm), and now
i am using redhat 6.2 and i get ther error of "tcgetattr: input/output
error", something to do with the serial interface i take it...but i don't
know...when i do a cat on my /proc/ttyS0 - then that is returned...

so what to do????


 Sami Kibria 
 TRLabs - Winnipeg, MB.  CANADA
 email: skibria@xxxxxxx.ca

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