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RE: [Fwd: [bluetooth-dev] CSR BC01b - can't do readbd]


If you are planning on going to FCC testing with the module, you will want
to restore all of the radio parameters. An engineer I have spoken with at
CSR suggested saving the crystal trim as a minimum to improve performance.
Only on one occasion did I actually need to completey erase the flash on a
module, however, and after setting up the persistent store values as
previously mentioned (and restoring the crystal trim), the module worked

Some time ago, I posted instructions on how to get the stack working with
CSR. I don't know if you've read them, but you might want to look in the
archives and see if they are any help.


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> From: Andreas Petralia [mailto:apetrali@xxxxxxx.ch]
> Sent: Saturday, February 17, 2001 2:34 AM
> To: Gathright, Dave; bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
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> hi dave
> i forwarded u a mail that i received "from" csr.
> im a little bit confused about what he is saying.
> have u ever erased the flash and loaded afterwards beta9?
> do i really have to contact csr-techsupport?
> btw: i enabled flow control, still no connection with 1115 
> and 0108. as
> before, no problems with ericsson module.
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