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Re: [bluetooth-dev] CSR BC01b - can't do readbd

just wanted 2 say, that the CSR module works now:

here are the _only_ settings, that are needed (with BT vers. 1115) after
having erased the flash using PSTool - sorry for the LaTeX syntax :o)

As carl orsborn said all other settings, e.g.
    The Bluetooth address
    The crystal trim value
    The rssi trim value
    The serial number
(which were not necessary to run the CSR with the stack) can be obtained
here (you need the number on the small detachable module):

DISCLAIMER: ... everything might be wrong ;-)


--- begin --
\subsection[CSR Kit]{CSR Kit}
To get the Casira to work with the AXIS stack upgrade to the beta9
Before you load the beta9, make sure to save important parameters in the
Persistent Storage (e.g. crystal trim, ...).
Make sure you erase the flash before downloading the beta9, or the
PSTool will not work properly.
Before you are going to flash a new firmware, be sure you have the BC01b
chip, since BC01a will be destroyed with firmware newer than beta7.
Set the following parameters in the Persistent Storage using PSTool:
\item \code{"Host Interface" to "UART link running H4"}
\item \code{"UART: Non-BCSP Enabled" to "Enable"}
\item \code{"UART: Parity Bits" to "No parity"}
\item \code{"UART: Stop Bits" to "1"}
\item \code{"UART: RTS Auto Enabled" to "Disable"}
\item \code{"UART: RTS Enabled" to "Enable"}
\item \code{"UART Baud Rate" to "115.2 kbaud"}
\item \code{"UART configuration bitfields" to "168"}
\item \code{"UART: Flow control Enabled" to "Enable"}
Make sure to reset the Casira module for the changes to take effect (you
can use the "Reset BC" button on the PSTool application).
The BC01 Module will now be configured to use H4 over the UART.

Note: You won't be able to see the "Host Interface" parameter unless you
set the access level to developer (Access Key 1812).

Use the following command lines to start the stack (use \file{btd} not
\item \code{dev1 \#> insmod src/bt.o}
\item \code{dev1 \#> btduser -s 115'200 -e 0 -m -i csr}
--- end ---

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