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[bluetooth-dev] rfcomm connection establishment / porting to arm

	I try to port the stack on ARM7. I am working with CASIRAs and digianswer PC cards.
My configuration is the following : 
	- PC card is the master
	- CASIRA is driven by the arm.

First I am looking for services on CASIRA (SDP) : I found serial port and audio.:)
Then I try to connect to the serial port : The L2CAP connection procedure is fine (connection and configuration). This is the second L2CAP channel( the first is for SDP).
I receive then a SABM packet to which I answer with a UA packet. Then I don't receive anything and the connection gets down.

As I got an analyser I checked that it was exactly the same packets exchanged between two PCMCIA cards (until the UA packet : I should receive then a UIH packet...).

Has anyone ever faced this problem ?

I don't think this is a hardware problem. Nevertheless, I am sure the things I send are right.

I wonder if my answer (UA packet) was not to late : I noticed it was really fast on PCMCIA cards. Is there any timer in this?
In advance, thanks a lot.

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