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[bluetooth-dev] Porting Bluetooth stack on VxWorks ???

Is it possible to port a Bluetooth stack (I use the stack, which I have
downloaded from AXIS Co. web site).

So far I almost succedded with porting this stack under my Linux (6.2
RH). I used btduser (with HCI emulation). I need to write a simple
application under VxWorks (results should outputet to VxSim) basing on the
bluetooth technology. It doesn't have to be a serious project. The goal is
to write a simple R-T application under VxWorks (using Bluetooth
technology). Generally speaking, e.g. 2 or 3 abstract devices should
communicate each other using BT. I almost know who to write e.g. a similar
program with e.g. 2 or more tasks (each independent of the other). The
problem is how to use a BT stack, to simulate as I said tasks to be
speaking to each other through BT.

Do YOU think it is possible as all or should I just do some cheating.
I really need help. If I only knew whether it is only possible I could
proceed further alone with my job.

While using BT stack under my o.s. I didn't need to worry about the


that were used by the stack (esp. btd or btduser).

What about VxWorks. Does it support at least pseudo terminals ?

Help - seeker
Marcin Paczek

Greetings from Cracow (Poland) to all

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