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[bluetooth-dev] Port axis code to an embeded environment/make stack more platform independent!

Hell all,

Currently, AXIS stack is well written for Linux operating system. I am think
whether it is possible for us to make it more modular, and make it more
platform independent. A few days ago, I met one company which was promoting
its bluetooth stack as a commercial product. According to its says, its
stack was more platform independent and could be easily ported to any of the
operationg systems.

In view that in the future, bluetooth will be widely used in embeded
environments/on a lot of platforms (Windows, Linux, VxWorks, QNX, PSOS etc),
it could be good to try to make axis stack more modular and platform
independent. In order to do this, 

1) Maybe we need have a confifuration file for configurating the stack for
different operating systems, like windows/Linux/VxWorks, etc. Provide some
hooks for creating tasks/timer and so on.

2) We should rewrite our memory management functions like "malloc", "free",
and even those functions like "memcpy", "strcpy" since these functions are
more library dependent. I think it is good to make them as part of the
bluetooth stack becaus a lot of embeded controller has limited memories and
could not include big library files. In this case, it can be easily to port
the stack to any embeded enviorments.

These are some of my thoughts about bluetooth stack. If anybode has some
ideas about this, I would like to discuss it.

Best regards,

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