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[bluetooth-dev] problem about TCS

  Hi everybody..
   I have a quetion about tcs.
   I have established TCS connection and SCO link
between two bluetooth device according to TCS spec,but
how can I use this SCO link to transmit audio data?
My step of establish connection and SCO link is below:
  use 'tcs_connect_req()' to establish TCS connection
between the two bt device,and then use 'tcs_setup()'
function in one side to call the the other side,and
then use 'tcs_connect()' function in other side to
the side of mine,finally both two bt device enter
ACTIVE state and were established SCO link.Is that
right?if it's so,how can I transmit audio data in this
SCO link?Any body can help me?Thanks.
The software I used is AXIS bluetooth(200011150) and
the hardware is ERICSSON P3E.

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