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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Re: ppp -> HANGS!!!!

okay, well i am trying some new stuff right now...i got a previous email
from Lim Yong Beng and in the email he said add the local ip add, and
remote ip add...

well i did, i used the parameter -d <local ip add> and -D <remote ip add>,
and still no luck...maybe i am using it wrong???

i was wondering if you had any suggestions daniel, or even lim, about
what to do??? i am a little confused myself, there doesn't seem to be much
documentation on this...

by the way when i do a send i still get the same error as well, well not
really an error by it just hangs there...hmmmmmm.....


talk to you later

 Sami Kibria 
 TRLabs - Winnipeg, MB.  CANADA
 email: skibria@xxxxxxx.ca

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Daniel Ezekiel wrote:

> YuP 
>  I have the same problem too....as well as any other command
>  say 'send 100 100' says
> Now sending 1000 100-bytes packet (100 kB)
> after that does nothing (does not return to the menu prompt)
> same for ecs_testcontrol 11:22:33:44:55:66
> The server reports
>  BT SYS: ERROR :Discarding 13 bytes and waitin forever.....
>  after that the client does not return to menu prompt
> I am running 2 linux boxes over  a serial line connection in emulation mode
> compiled with  HCI_EMULATION and define HW_DEFAULT HW_NOINIT
> stack version bluetooth_20001115
> Any quick help would be appreciated
>  Regards, 
>  Danny 
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>     Daniel D. Ezekiel                                
>     E-Mail  : danny@xxxxxxx.com                         
>     Fone    : 91-80-5281461  Extn: 3322 
>     PGP Key : hkp://keys.pgp.com/danny@xxxxxxx.com       
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