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Re: [bluetooth-dev] PN message structre

my two cents...
It's true that credit is only 3 bits, but the 5 remaining bits are 0 as this is
the last byte (ETSI TS 07.10 spec. pg. 27).
As far as convergence layer, SIG spec. says RFCOMM only supports type 1. and so
does the code. (I think!)


Deepu Chandy Thomas <deepuct@xxxxxxx.in> on 02/25/2001 11:44:54 PM
 To:      "'bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com> 
 cc:      (bcc: Mandana Amiri/Inc/Celestica)                  
 Subject: [bluetooth-dev] PN message structre                 

     The PN message is defined as

typedef struct pn_msg{
     short_frame_head s_head;
     mcc_short_frame_head mcc_s_head;
/* The res1, res2 and res3 values have to be set to 0 by the sender */
     u8 dlci:6;
     u8 res1:2;
     u8 frame_type:4;
     u8 credit_flow:4;
     u8 prior:6;
     u8 res2:2;
     u8 ack_timer;
     u32 frame_size:16;
     u8 max_nbrof_retrans;
     u8 credits;
     u8 fcs;
} pn_msg;

Could you please explain as to why you gave u8 credits instead of u8
credits:3 as  only 3 bits are define the window size for  error recovery
mode. Also do we use Convergence layers other than Type 1?

Thanks and regards,
Deepu Chandy Thomas
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