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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Inquiry problem.

On Mon, Feb 26, 2001 at 09:36:36AM -0800, NCSU CSIDC wrote:
e> I'm running the Axis stack on RH6.2 (standard install)
e> and I have established UART communication with an
e> Ericsson Application Toolkit board.  My Win2000
e> machine can see the Linux BT setup with no problem. 
e> However, when I run the inq command in BTD it hangs at
e> this line:
e> if (ioctl(bt_cfd, HCIINQUIRY, inq_res) < 0)
e> (line 2648 of btd.c)
e> I'm using rev 20010108 of the Axis stack.
e> Has anyone seen this problem?
e> It hangs hard, top says that its taking about 96%
e> processor and KILL will not stop this guy!
if kill -9 does not help, check the process state (through ps). if it is D,
the process is blocked on an I/O in kernel space and there is only one way..
to wait for it to finish that I/O. i guess the ioctl never you mentioned here
never comes to an end. however, i do not know why :)



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