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[bluetooth-dev] [euro@xxxxxxx.sk: Re: compilation]

as to the compilation thread i read only in the archives...
(i subscribed to this list yesterday only)

the problem seems to be with the complier being used. i have the 20010108
release of the axis bluetooth stack and tried to compile it on the following

a) kernel 2.2.18 with 2.2.18-3 crypto-patch, gcc 2.91.66 (egcs 1.2) - success
b) kernel 2.2.17 with crypto-patch, gcc 2.95.2 - failure
c) kernel 2.2.17, gcc 2.95.3 - failure
d) kernel 2.2.18, gcc 2.97 20001127 (experimental) - failure

all the failures where the already mention "size of structure is unknown" in
kernel headers.



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