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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Further developpement of the Bluetooth stack.

david LIBAULT wrote:

> Now that the CVS is ready, how should we proceed to improve the bt stack
> design ?

Yes, let's get this discussion going.

> I have two major concerns :
> - Definitively sove the ARM/x86 compatibility problem (I am fed up with doing
> the same modifications by hand on successive versions of the stack + there is
> a bug in RFCOMM long UIH packets).
> - Deeper test of the stack .

Both good points.

> What version should I start with, how will my modifications be integrated in
> the CVS... I wouldn't like to do the modifications more than just once...

If you have the time to do the ARM patches that would be great. Why don't you
email Peter and get developer access if you don't already?

If you don't have time then I'll probably try to do it but it won't be any time
soon. My plan would probably be to manually redo it on the version currently in
CVS. (First, I'd get the version there to build -- the last time I checked the
makefiles weren't setup properly with the change in directory structure).

Other issues I see:
1. Regression testing
2. An architectural plan (/dev/sco? are we happy with sdp? anybody care about a
network interface to l2cap? etc)
3. Size
4. Robustness


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