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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Further developpement of the Bluetooth stack.

david LIBAULT wrote:

> How do I get the version from the CVS and make sure I won't have to redo

Quick & dirty CVS lesson #1:

When you check it out from CVS you'll get a local copy. You make your changes
there. Prior to checking in your changes, you should do a CVS update. The update
will try to "merge out" to your copy any changes people have checked in to the
main repository. If you and someone else made changes to the same section of
code you'll get a warning (if I recall correctly...) and the relevant portion of
the code will be marked with stuff like this:

/* unchanged code... */
/* change A */
/* change B */
/* ... more unchanged code */

You'll fix it by picking change A or B (or a combination of both) in your
editor. Once you've fixed all these merge conflicts you can do a cvs ci
(checkin) and your changes will be applied to the main CVS repository.

Once your changes are in the  main repository, you'll never have to redo them,
and they'll be available for other people to grab.


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