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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Further developpement of the Bluetooth stack.

On Tue, 27 Feb 2001, david LIBAULT wrote:
> How can I handle the "cross-compiling" ?
> I mean, if I do a "CC = arm-linux-gcc" in the Makefiles, when I will make an 
> update, everybody will probably complain (if they use gcc for example). 
> Should I just export CC ?

Just adding something to what others have answered here:

it is usually a bad idea to just commit any changes made in your entire
local tree, just because of this reason (people usually do local tweaks in
makefiles, rules etc that are not meant to be comitted to the "real" code)

I simply try to remember the "official" changes I've made and commit the
files containing them explicitely, and not commit the entire tree

Sometimes you forget an important file when committing, but it is better
than accidentally screwing up the mother-tree.

Having said that, it sounds like a useful addition to parameterize stuff
like CC, include locations etc.


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