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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Axis stack portability

Bernard Perrin wrote:
> Hi,
> is the Axis stack written in a portable way?
Not really :-)
> We tried it with a custom designed board based on a PowerPC.
Same with me !
> Test Case:  (a) INTEL                           (b) PowerPC
> Startup
>             03 0c 00                            00 c3 00
> Readbd
> It doesn't seems to be a little/big endian problem, but looks
> like a 2 bits mis-alignment (not always).
It is an endian problem. Beside other things, the stack source uses bit
fields in many situations which are interpreted differently on x86 (LE)
and PPC (BE).
There is patch for an older stack version available that fixes the
endian problems (ARM patch) mostly. I think that it is only a question
of a few days until this patch is applied to the cvs.

Please read some older articles about this problem (e.g. in the archiv).

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