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[bluetooth-dev] Digianswer commercial PC cards connecting RFCOMM with Axis stack driving other Hardware.

	I have even sent an e-mail concerning this subject but no answer and it is quite urgent for me.

The problem : 

I am using a digianswer PC card (commercial version) on omnibook PC : this is the master.
I am using CSR HW driven  by an ARM (containing AXIS stack : version should be something like 20010108) : this is the slave.

I first search for services with the PC on the remote CSR HW. I found audio and serial :-). That is to say SDP is Ok as well as L2CAP since I established the SDP connexion !

Then I try to connect to remote COM port (RFCOMM). The L2CAP connection/configuration is OK, the PC card sends a SABM packet and I answer with a UA (which is acknowledged). BUT, that's all ! The connection hangs and a message is displayed on the master Screen (PC) : "failed to open com port..."

I used a protocol analyser to check what was wrong but I did not find anything : It is exactly the same packets which are exchanged between two digianswer PC cards and the configuration I have talked about above. the different is that the RFCOMM connection establishment does not stop just after the UA packets...

Is this an interoperability problem ?
Is there anyone who has tried such a connection ? (commercial product versus Axis Stack driving other hardware ?).
Do you think Digianswer is not totally "opened" ?

Thanks in advance. Please do not hesitate to contact me would you require any further information (e.g I can send yoo excell files which includes the packets exchanged in the two cases...)

Best regards.

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