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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Further developpement of the Bluetooth stack.

Matthias Fuchs wrote:

> Hello,
> I have to add two further goals to the list of features:
> - ARM/x86 compatibility problem -> I need big endian support for a
> PowerPC.
> - Kernel support for 2.4 is essential for me.
> Question: Who is doing what ?
> I think that it does not make sense that everybody is going to patch all
> issues.

First of all:

--David Libault has agreed to start work on the ARM/x86 problems. This
includes the alignment problems & multiple byte field accesses in hci.c and
l2cap.c. This will not fix all the endian issues. If I get some time I'll try
and join him.
--David will probably also be fixing the Makefile issues in CVS as a
--I'll check with Marcus Smith to see if he can bring in what 2.4 fixes we
have (note that this will not fix all of the 2.4 issues)

This leaves the following:
--Debug & fix the 2.4 kernel hangs (should get Marcus' patches in first)
--Big-endian fixes. In particular, all the rfcomm.c structs need to be fixed.
Anybody want to work on this? The ARM patches for 08/14 or 11/20 should
contain these.

At the moment I am chin-deep in another project. If I get some time I'll try
and address some of the unassigned issues.

Second of all:

Peter is right in that we should probably put these issues into the
bug-tracking system and assign responsibility there. Peter (or anyone), who
will be assigning bugs to developers?


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