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[bluetooth-dev] RE: compilation problems with RH7

hello patrick...how are you doing?

well this is what i have found, i tries using suse, mandrake, and caldera, and
found that the stack itself did not work (i.e. compile on any of those
distributions), now i know you are using RH7, but the stack was developed on
RH6.2 (and that is what most of use on the use group - i believe are
using)...so try 6.2, it works fine...that is also what the developers at axis

now in terms of the kernel, it really doesn't matter, i am using 2.2.18,
2.2.14, and 2.2.16 so they all work fine, BUT, i am using the USB interface to
power up my modules and the serial interface to send/recieve data...



Sami Kibria
TRLabs - Winnipeg, Manitoba. CANADA
email: skibria@xxxxxxx.ca

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