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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Alignement fix

david LIBAULT wrote:

> So,
> I have finished with the alignement fixes. I have tested the stack with my
> ARM system, and I could open an RFCOMM channel... The same code also works on
> a PC (same test).


> I can not test the module on the ARM because the cvs version I have doesn't
> have the 2.4 fixes (and my ARM system runs kernel 2.4 only...).

Now I'm confused. What did you test with ARM? User mode? Anyway, Marcus said he
pushed the 2.4 fixes which we have so far out to CVS.

> What do I do now ? Should I update the CVS ? How do I do that (I wouldn't
> like to skrew up anything...) ?

Yes, first do an update to pick up the 2.4 fixes in your local repository (in
CVS terms, "update" means you pull the latest changes out from CVS, "checkin"
means you push your changes into it). I think the sourceforge page tells you how
to do an update.

Once you've done that and resolved any conflicts you should do a checkin to put
your stuff into CVS. Marcus, you've done that. If the sourceforge page doesn't
have instructions can you post the command?


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