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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Some more coding questions???

Sami Kibria wrote:

> hello...
> well it has been a long day at work today, and i am tired, but before i go, i
> have a question that could use an answer...
> well, i am trying to figure out how the axis stack was coded, and how it
> relates to the GAP (general access profile), anyways, here is my
> question...in the btd.c file when you execute the command rf_conn, it will then
> execute bt_connect, which intern will call an ioctl call...the parameters
> passed are bd_fd, BTCONNECT, bt_connection; now i am curious about the
> BTCONNECT, and where it comes from.  I noticed that in the btcommon.h file that
> there is the BTCONNECT macro, but then the replacement text is _IOW....., where
> does this _IOW come from and what does it do and mean???

_IOW is part of a family of macros used to create ioctl arguments.
It meands that BTCONNECT is a "write" ioctl, or it passes data into the ioctl
See <linux/ioctl.h>.

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