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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Security manager implementation

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> From: Daniel Ezekiel [mailto:danny@xxxxxxx.com]
> Sent: Friday, March 02, 2001 8:05 AM
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> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] Security manager implementation
> Hi
>  could someone pls xplain the implementation that would be reqd in
> the following functions....
> void sec_man_init(enum security_requests user);

This is to be called from each user of the security manager. Currently only 
used by L2CAP and RFCOMM. Other users may be defined as well.
With this function it is possible to initialize the usage of the security manager 
from (for) each user.

> void sec_man_check(enum security_requests user, BD_ADDR bd_addr,
>                    u32 service_data, u32 user_data);

With this function, each user checks to see if the user (e.g. RFCOMM) should
allow the device bd_addr access to its service. If the security manager chooses
not to, it should respond negatively.

> void sec_man_event(enum security_requests user, BD_ADDR 
> bd_addr, u8 event,
>                    u8 *param, u8 param_len);

When using the security manager, it is the one to enable authentication and 
encryption therefore it will have to react to events regarding the security.
It may also react to event from the other device, i.e. it requesting authentication.

The entire security concept is described in the white paper called Bluetooth 
Security Architecture on 


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