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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Strange uart behavior...

david LIBAULT wrote:

> Ok, maybe, the kernel headers are not correct, but the problem doesn't come
> from a "bad value" of an ioctl yet. It comes from the sertty->driver.ioctl
> function that is not initialized (or initialized to NULL). So what ever the
> value of the ioctl would be, it still would call a "NULL function" with this
> bad value as its argument...

That's exactly what I'm talking about!

Forget the ioctl stuff for now, you're right, it's not causing your immediate
problem. But consider this: every include file in the bluetooth module (except
for those that are explicitly part of the module) will come from a set of kernel
headers. Which kernel headers? Well, as you know it depends on a) where your
cross-compiler looks by default and b) where your Makefile tells the compiler to

One of the files which bluetooth.c must include (explictly or implicitly) is
<linux/tty_driver.h>. This file defines the layout of struct tty_driver, which
contains the ioctl field in question.

Say for example that the kernel on your ARM used a version of tty_driver.h that
puts the ioctl field at offset 0x60 within the struct. And say that the module
is compiling against a version that puts that field at offset 0x24. When the
module runs, it's looking in the wrong place for that ioctl call! The serial
driver put it someplace else based on the version of tty_driver.h that IT was
compiled against.

Now, since that value is NULL, and you changed the code to not call it if it's
NULL, then you'll never setup the baud rate, parity, raw mode, etc that you need
to. That's probably why your UART data looks hosed.

That's why it's important that, when compiling a module, you do it against the
same set of kernel headers that the kernel was compiled against. It sure looks
like this could be your problem. But if this was your problem, I'd expect insmod
to complain about the version mismatch...


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