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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Strange uart behavior...

david LIBAULT wrote:

> Le Vendredi 02 Mars 2001 21:00, david LIBAULT a écrit :
> > Ok, you are probably right. I have checked that the headers are the same
> > for the kernel and the module (it is a symbolic link)...
> >

Symbolic link from where to where? /usr/include/linux to /usr/src/linux/include?
Even if you are compiling natively this isn't necessarily valid unless the
kernel you're running matches that source tree.

And if you are cross-compiling then this is almost sure to be the wrong kernel
source tree. Furthermore, most cross-compilers will look someplace else first
before /usr/include/linux to find the kernel headers! This is a "feature" which
makes sense for cross-compiling apps & libs but not necessarily helpful for
kernel & module development.

Are you compiling natively on the ARM or cross-compiling?

If you add the -H flag to gcc you can see where it's pulling headers from.

> > Lets do the following :
> >
> > I print out the pointers to :
> >       sertty
> >       sertty->driver
> >       sertty->driver.ioctl
> > from bluetooth.c
> >
> > I have to compare that to their value when the line discipline is
> > registered right ?

If my theory is correct then sertty->driver.ioctl will be munged up (from the
modules's perspective) all the time -- even at registration.

> In fact the sertty is set in bt_tty_open which is registered as the line
> discipline of the serial port.
> Who is calling bt_ldisc with the (wrong) tty structure at the end ?

drivers/char/tty_io.c. And it probably thinks the tty structure looks just fine!
Because it was compiled with the same kernel headers as serial.c.


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