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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Strange uart behavior...

For your information :

tty 0xc1646000
tty->driver 0xc1646004
tty->driver.ioctl 0xc1646080

(in tty_io.c in the kernel)

sertty 0xc1646000
sertty->driver 0xc1646004
sertty->driver.ioctl 0xc1646080

(in bluetooth.c)

So the structure looks quite the same in the kernel and the module.

In fact, tty->driver is the driver functions of the device (read, write
etc...), and my serial driver simply doesn't have the ioctl function.

My question is the following :

How the hell can the serial port driver work in usermode (for example, I can
change speeds from 9600 to 57600 to 115200 )?

This is so complicated !

So which ioctls am I supposed to support ?


Le Vendredi 02 Mars 2001 22:16, Gordon McNutt a écrit :
> david LIBAULT wrote:
> > > If my theory is correct then sertty->driver.ioctl will be munged up
> > > (from the modules's perspective) all the time -- even at registration.
> >
> > Well, it is not :
> >
> > sertty : 0xc04e8000
> > sertty->driver : 0xc04e8004
> > sertty->driver.ioctl : 0xc04e8080 (at this address the value is 0)
> >
> > These values look good to me, considering the start address of the DRAM,
> > and the shape of the structure.
> Ok, if those addresses look like they make sense to you.
> > I am checking the serial driver. I am working on an EP7211, and the
> > serial driver looks loosy...
> Yes, often these arm archs define their own serial drivers. Sometimes all
> they want is a console driver so they leave things out...
> --gmcnutt

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