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[bluetooth-dev] BT stack running in kernel mode on ARM+kernel2.4

Hi all,

The UART problem has been fixed (by Russel King). It comes from the fact that
printk() disables interrupts causing the uart to miss bytes... This of course
was not happening in user mode ! So changing the log level fixes the problem
(for the moment).
I have been able to setup an RF_COMM channel beetween to machines. I now have
to setup ppp and see if we have the same problem in kernel mode than in user


Le Vendredi 02 Mars 2001 22:16, Gordon McNutt a écrit :
> david LIBAULT wrote:
> > > If my theory is correct then sertty->driver.ioctl will be munged up
> > > (from the modules's perspective) all the time -- even at registration.
> >
> > Well, it is not :
> >
> > sertty : 0xc04e8000
> > sertty->driver : 0xc04e8004
> > sertty->driver.ioctl : 0xc04e8080 (at this address the value is 0)
> >
> > These values look good to me, considering the start address of the DRAM,
> > and the shape of the structure.
> Ok, if those addresses look like they make sense to you.
> > I am checking the serial driver. I am working on an EP7211, and the
> > serial driver looks loosy...
> Yes, often these arm archs define their own serial drivers. Sometimes all
> they want is a console driver so they leave things out...
> --gmcnutt

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