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[bluetooth-dev] Security manager implementation inclusion of LMP Command/Response

Hi Ulf,
in the last section 4.5 Interface with HCI/LMP
only describes the Command/response  of the HCI
Dont you think the command/response ofLM

also fall under the purview of the security manager the required
Interfaces need to be provided.
Would appreciate a quick response
Thanks in advance

Thus Said Ulf Hansson On Fri, Mar 02, 2001 at 09:11:36AM +0100 :
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*->> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] Security manager implementation
*->> Hi
*->>  could someone pls xplain the implementation that would be reqd in
*->> the following functions....
*->> void sec_man_init(enum security_requests user);
*->This is to be called from each user of the security manager. Currently only 
*->used by L2CAP and RFCOMM. Other users may be defined as well.
*->With this function it is possible to initialize the usage of the security manager 
*->from (for) each user.
*->> void sec_man_check(enum security_requests user, BD_ADDR bd_addr,
*->>                    u32 service_data, u32 user_data);
*->With this function, each user checks to see if the user (e.g. RFCOMM) should
*->allow the device bd_addr access to its service. If the security manager chooses
*->not to, it should respond negatively.
*->> void sec_man_event(enum security_requests user, BD_ADDR 
*->> bd_addr, u8 event,
*->>                    u8 *param, u8 param_len);
*->When using the security manager, it is the one to enable authentication and 
*->encryption therefore it will have to react to events regarding the security.
*->It may also react to event from the other device, i.e. it requesting authentication.
*->The entire security concept is described in the white paper called Bluetooth 
*->Security Architecture on 
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