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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Generic Hardware

> Hello,
> I try get this Nokia Board running. (Is there really nobody out there who
> is using it?)
> Therefore I tried HW_NOINIT, with the btd, but get a compile error. 
> (function .. was previously defined)

   chcek out btconfig.h from the include directory. you dont need to
  re-define HW_NOINIT. just setup HW_CURRENT to HW_NOINIT; around line
  number 39 of the file.

   have you tried using the Nokia device with the default settings?
  (the defaults use HW_ERICSSON)

> there is another part with same defitions that starts with:
> Actually, I don't think that HW_GENERIC is specified anywhere in the code.
> Did someone forget it?
> What information would I need about the board to implement my own 
> initialization functions?

   read the documentation that came with the Nokia. it might state
  there what are required. (it will also state there what HCI commands
  are supported and those that are not, take note of that) or try the
  barebones, enable page scan and inquiry scan, then test it.

   try the default settings first, IFF IT IS POSSIBLE as you MIGHT
  fry your device. if you have any doubts then dont do it. (i will
  take no responsibility whatsoever)

> Bye
> Patrick

peace, mela.

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