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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Generic Hardware

>> Hello,
>> I try get this Nokia Board running. (Is there really nobody out there who
>> is using it?)
>> Therefore I tried HW_NOINIT, with the btd, but get a compile error.
>> (function .. was previously defined)

>    chcek out btconfig.h from the include directory. you dont need to
>   re-define HW_NOINIT. just setup HW_CURRENT to HW_NOINIT; around line
>   number 39 of the file.

Yes, thats what I did. Do i have to set the HW_CURRENT in the btconfig.h AND
in the btd?

Which of the steps of the installation do I have to repeat, when I modify
the btconfig.h?
Everything except the make devs?  Do I have to make the insmod every time?

>    have you tried using the Nokia device with the default settings?
>   (the defaults use HW_ERICSSON)

yes, didn't really work

>    try the default settings first, IFF IT IS POSSIBLE as you MIGHT
>   fry your device. if you have any doubts then dont do it. (i will
>   take no responsibility whatsoever)


can I damage the board just sending some commands?????



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