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[bluetooth-dev] Re: Axis stack portability (2)

Hello Matthias,
> can you describe again which stack version you are using and which patch
> exactly ?
> It seems that everything is patched, but not the hci layer ! Is this
> possible ? Can you compare your hci.c with the version before patching ?
> I think Gordon said that he forgot to send that patch. If this is the
> problem, I can send you a patch for hci.c (with my changes).
> I will work on big endian issues with the current cvs version in the
> next few days !

I think that the hci.c file has been patched too. The first difference

<  * $Id: hci.c,v 1.58 2000/08/14 11:45:17 matsf Exp $
>  * $Id: hci.c,v 1.6 2000/09/28 15:30:43 gmcnutt Exp $

The stack version is: 20000814
The patch comes from: bluetooth_20000814-gmcnutt-patch1.gz

The commands used to patch are:
gunzip bluetooth_20000814-gmcnutt-patch1.gz
tar -xvzf bluetooth_20000814.tgz
cd bluetooth
patch -p3 < ../bluetooth_20000814-gmcnutt-patch1

I tried to hack staighforward in the code of bluetooth.c:

bt_write_lower_driver(u8 *data, s32 len)
#define FNC "bt_write_lower_driver: "
    struct tty_struct *tty;
    int n;
    // BPe Hack begin
    u8 tmp;
    tmp = data[2];
    data[2] = data[1];
    data[1] = tmp;
    // BPe Hack end
    tty = bt_ctrl.bt_tty[0];

And it works. Digianswer reply correctly to the 4 descrived cases.
However, it could be fine to know the clean way to do it.

Best regards,

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